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5. What would you like to make that you don’t have resources for right now?

I’ve always been invested in being involved with work that engages in community practices, while in turn: supporting them. I especially love it when art is used as a vehicle to do this.

One of my favorite examples of these types of projects is the Filipino Folk Foundry book, made by Hardworking Goodlooking. The book features the work of local lettering artisans and was produced through local businesses that specialize in making books. Sign painting, Graffiti, and Hand Lettering is an intrinsic part of Filipino living as it encompasses the landscape we live in. Handmade letters cover our transportation, businesses, roads, houses, and clothing. By creating this book, Hardworking Goodlooking highlights Philippine artistry while supporting it through sourcing their production locally.

FFF has always inspired me to look at my own environment and assess how I can uplift the people, communities, and issues I care about as a artist-designer. If I had the space and resources, I would curate a food related art exhibition/event that showcases young artists of color and involves small businesses owned by people of color. I’ve always loved the implications of food as a way to connect with people and culture.

I would use the space to recreate environmental experiences of eating back home in the Philippines back in my aunt’s canteen. Plastic chairs and tables are something you see in local food spots because they are cheap, easy to move, and easy to store. There was always an electric fan because it gets really hot in the Philippines and keeps away the flies.

I would also find a way to incorporate local restaurants into the exhibition to serve food to people coming in. I want the space to feel more than just a holding space for work— it can exist as a social hub, as all meals I’ve eaten back home are eaten with others. Ultimately, I would want this event to benefit everyone who participates whether it's small businesses getting the opportunity to find more customers (& make money), artists to get more exposure (& make money), or people to feel revived (& support people with their money/make money).