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1. What are you?

"What are you?" still stumps me to this day because there are many facets to my identity. I'm a brother to three sisters. A son to 1st generation Asian-American immigrants. A friend to people I’ve met throughout the course of my life. A great cook. An even greater consumer. Someone who loves to try new things; someone who loves to do nothing at all.

I am someone that treasures gifts, looks back on fond experiences, and wants to live life to its fullest. I am someone that doesn’t know everything about himself and is still looking to address undiscovered parts of his history in his work.

I am a young, graphic designer fresh out of college who loves to work across differnet disciplines. Sometimes, I get confused about whether I should introduce myself as a designer or artist. I am passionate about coding amateur websites, designing cool graphics, and creating meaningful work. I am invested in work that empowers community and challenges conventions.

I am a lot of things, but I will become even more because I am still growing.