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2. Can you show us how you’re rich?
*insert joke about being poor*

Even though I am not rich in money–a lot of people aren't–I make up for it in curiousity, initiative to learn more, and pride in my identity.

I take a lot of pride in the diverse communities and backgrounds I represent. I am a Queer, Filipino-Chinese cisgendered-male. I have been raised overseas for the first decade of my life, then living in the U.S. up to now. A lot of my background has been channeled through art/design work throughout my creative journey. I like to think of art as a tool for investigation and research. A lot of what I know about my own history is through the research I do for my art. My background is distinct, but shared. I've connected with people miles away from me because we both see value in the topics I cover in my art practice. While I'm not saying my work is more valuable than others because I am of these identities, I think it enriches it because it holds significance to people other than myself.

My curiousity also extends towards learning different ways to make work. The reason I'm answering these application questions through a website is because coding websites is one of the first things I taught myself to do. As a creative, I always want to push my work and techniques past what I already know. A lot of the skills I have are stuff I taught myself in order to elevate my design work and fortify my creative journey.

I sometimes wish I was rich in money, but I find value in what I already have.