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4. Can you create a character and introduce us to them?

Greetings, I’m TRMN-h8r. I’m a robot that hates everything and loves to hate on everything. I’m a cashier at Food Lizard and earn $7.25/hr. WOOOO! Currently, the thing I hate the most these days is my job. So why am I, as a robot, working at a grocery store? All I know is some STEM major got bored and wanted to speed up human extinction by creating an AI robot capable of collapsing human society. Instead he got me :) and I don't have many talents. I kinda have to prove my worth to society or I'll be broken down for parts, so I'm serving my community by working a minimum wage job!

Fun Fact:
I actually love humans because they are more hateful than I am!!!
Favorite Food:
Honey Butter Potato Chips and Fried Tofu
Favorite Food to Hate:
Twizzlers because.... who flavored erasers and marketed them as candy? Nasty.
Favorite Song:
i hate u by SZA. She just gets me.
Favorite Song to hate:
Anything from Hamilton
Favorite Show:
America’s Next Top Model!!! Tyra and me are the same person. I thrive off negative energy and that shows gives it!
Favorite Show to Hate:
Any dating show. If love is in the air, I am holding my breath.

I want to be famous.